"‚ÄčI'm in my forties and have tried many other types of workouts over the years, but I have learned more about my body and how it works in only 2 sessions than in all the other years. I'm learning how to activate certain muscles I never use, how to carry my body correctly and how to be mindful of how my body is functioning. Both times I have gone to class I have been tired and run down ... Not in the mood to go.  What I've found is after the Pilates lessons I have felt invigorated, my body feels lighter and I can feel myself carry my body in a whole new way that not only changes the way I look on the outside, but also changes the way I feel on the inside."
-Client, Charleston, SC
" I recently had the privilege of experiencing Jamie's incredible abilities during a workshop for Pilates Instructors in Key largo, Florida. I was the "body" she used to demonstrate her teaching points. For me, it was both a tremendous educational experience and a marvelous Pilates Session. Jamie has both the high level Pilates wisdom and the acute emotional intelligence it takes to teach well. She immediately relaxed and formed a comfortable bond with me. It was a most rewarding opportunity I very much appreciate."
Jim Peterson, Key Largo, FL